I received the Solution 5 in 1 Cream, which I thought was awesome, but was so very upset that you can't keep the product and you must send it back within 15 day (incidently, it is supposed to be a 30 day product, not 15, another lie from them) or you will be charged $80! So I had to call the Co.

and the CS rep was a total *** when I said that they need to put on the order screen that its not really free, she said she wasn't going to argue with me! Supposedly, I all I have to do is return the item to the PO and mail it back with a order code, and they won't charge me.

I have reported them to the BBB and alarmed an atty, and my bank of the situation as well. Take my advice and don't get this "free" product even though it is good.

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